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Serving Humanity With Marvels Of Technology

Our dependable medical imaging centres are located in the GTA serving their residents for a very long time. Committed to delivering amazing diagnostic services, our brand’s name emerges at the top of lists when you search for the best diagnostic centres.

Hence, when the next time a practitioner has referred you to Ontario Diagnostic Centres, they’ve indisputably made the correct choice. Every year, large numbers of healthcare providers suggest patients to ODC. This reflects their trust in our radiologists and technologists that are dedicated to serving clients in the best possible ways. Additionally, the team of maestros has worked diligently day and night to make sure that this trust is built from the very first day we opened the doors to our first diagnostic centre.


What makes us different from our counterparts?

Several factors make us divergent and superior to anybody serving in the same field as we are. Have a quick glimpse at some of them:
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Ease of Access

The ease of access is in case of the doctor or specialist so that they can view the images of the patient at extremely facilitative speed and accuracy.

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Showing extra TLC

We believe in the simple rule of bestowing extra tenderness, love and care to our patients. This is why; our customers back us whenever they require impeccable diagnostic services.

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State of the art equipment

To ensure accuracy that further will certify the right treatment for you, we employ the latest equipment. The authenticity of these gadgets cannot be simply questioned. They are potent enough to readily determine the exact cause of your ailment.

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Persistent training sessions

Honing the skills of the staff members is one of the paramount parameters in our list. The regular training sessions give them an altogether new outlook to serve you even better.

To Book an appointment, take a picture of your Requisition and text it to 647-490-8991 or call us at 905-279-1144

Our Locations

Oakville Ontario Diagnostic Center
Milton Ontario Diagnostic Center
Clarkson Ontario Diagnostic Center
Credit Valley Ontario Diagnostic Center

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