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What is Bone Mineral Density Test?

Of late, have you been advised to have a bone mineral density test? However, you are distressed as you aren’t aware of it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

To your knowledge, it is a painless and quick evaluation to measure the amount of calcium and other types of minerals present in your bone. A bone mineral density test uses the concept of x-rays for accomplishing the entire procedure. Further, this test is recommended for the population who has the problem of osteoporosis, especially women and older adults.

Throwing light on osteoporosis; it causes the bone tissues to become thin and weak over time. When left untreated, the advents of disabling fractures are just on the cards.

Bone Mineral Density
Who should have a BMD test done

How the test works

The x-rays indicate how much calcium and minerals are in a part of your bone. To put it simply, the more minerals you have, the better the scenario and lessens the chances of occurrence of osteoporosis. It also indicates that your bones are stronger, denser, and less likely to break.

Types of bone density tests

There are fundamentally two genera of bone density tests namely:

  • Central DXA

    This evaluation aims at your spine and hip bones. During the test, you will be asked to lie down on a padded platform. A machine will pass over you for taking low dose x-rays through your body. The images calculated will be monitored by the specialist. Additionally, this test has a duration of a mere 10 minutes.

  • Peripheral test

    To measure bone density at your wrist, finger and heel, the peripheral test emerges to be your savior. Additionally, this evaluation is less thorough as it doesn’t examine your hips or spine.

    Moreover, the device employed for a peripheral test is portable. Hence, it can be readily brought to health fairs and pharmacies making it feasible for a large number of individuals to reap the benefits of this test.

    The Ontario Diagnostic Centres pay attention to detail and use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver timely, accurate results to make educated health decisions.

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What Our Patient Say?

I recommend this radiology clinic. Had a nice experience for my ultrasound and xray and didn’t have to wait long at all. The staff here, especially the technician I had were very friendly and efficient.

Anthony Martin

Anthony Martin


The Office Administrator is amazingly kind and welcoming. The Staff that perform the Ultrasound made me feel very comfortable during the test. The booking assistance was patient and helpful.

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