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A brief overview of X-rays

When we talk about x-rays, they fundamentally belong to the genus of radiation termed electromagnetic waves. X-ray imaging intends to create pictures of your body to understand the deeper details.

Contemporarily, an x-ray machine is considered one of the most pivotal tools in modernistic medicine. It helps the doctor to view the inside of the body without the need of making an incision.

Additionally, the digital images captured play a vital role in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a range of medical conditions. Practitioners, commonly are seen recommending their patients an x-ray to diagnose the advents of lung cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and so on. These specialists can decide the next course of action only after glancing at the results of the examination.

You would also see dentists employing this modality quite often to get images of the teeth for distinct medical purposes. And if you are on the hunt for a reliable x-ray service provider, the brand renowned by the name Ontario Diagnostic Centres gets you covered.


The functionality of X-rays defined

X-rays can enter readily through body structures. These beams of electrons aim at targeting metal, resulting in the production of x-rays. The soft tissues in the body such as blood, skin, fat, and muscle are likely to pass through most of the x-rays and appear dark gray on the film. On the flip side, a bone or a tumor being dense allows only a few of the x-rays to pass through and thus pop up white on the X-ray. Similarly, in the case of a broken bone, the x-ray beam passes through the broken area and emerges as a dark line.

What are X-rays used for?

To diagnose the problems in the health of their patients, practitioners commonly employ the modality of an x-ray. Be it for detecting tuberculosis, pneumonia or lung cancer, the test is your rescuer.

Ontario diagnostic centres deliver best-in-class support throughout your medical diagnosis life cycle. We offer affordable imaging solutions with great transparency and better patient care!


Some things you need to inform the technician prior to getting the X-ray done

if you are pregnant of planning to get soon, you need to inform the technician. Chances are that you may be stopped from having the X-ray since it’s harmful for the developing baby.
If there is any metal in the particular part of your body that needs imaging. This includes different kinds of rings in various body parts. This is because metal blocks the X-rays.

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What Our Patient Say?

I recommend this radiology clinic. Had a nice experience for my ultrasound and xray and didn’t have to wait long at all. The staff here, especially the technician I had were very friendly and efficient.

Anthony Martin

Anthony Martin


The Office Administrator is amazingly kind and welcoming. The Staff that perform the Ultrasound made me feel very comfortable during the test. The booking assistance was patient and helpful.

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Local Guide


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