A Glance at Some of the Elite Services Offered at Diagnostic Centres

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Diagnostic Centres are renowned for their issuance of timely and high-quality diagnostic care under the guidance of trained experts and in safe and secured environments. The employing of the most advanced technological applications and state of art equipment sets the seal that the authenticity of the services availed at these imaging centres cannot be simply questioned. Accurate results are important as they help to determine the exact cause of the illness and aid the treating doctor to decide the next course of action. And if you are someone searching for an elite diagnostic centre in Mississauga, our ODC in Credit valley gets you covered. 

Further, this article discusses some of the exemplary services furnished at Diagnostic Centres. Have a quick glance at them:

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Services Offered at Diagnostic Centres 


This type of imaging is fundamentally utilized to examine the body beyond the soft tissue. Going through the deeper aspects; x-ray beams are known to pass through your body, and get absorbed in different amounts. This absorption typically depends on the density of the material the rays pass through. While dense materials in the shape of bone or metal pop up white on x-rays, the fat and muscle appear as shades of gray.

X-ray technology helps to determine the following:

  • To figure out fractures and infections in bones.
  • For verifying the development of arthritis that can be figured out if there is inflammation of one or more joints.
  • X –rays are potent enough to reveal the occurrence of bone tumors.
  • A methodology in the form of mammography using x-rays is employed to ascertain the presence of breast tumors.
  • To discover digestive tract problems


The modality of ultrasound embraces high-frequency sound waves to generate images of structures within your body. These images are pivotal as they furnish valuable information to the treating practitioner. It is based on the particulars gathered that the professional diagnoses and treats a variety of diseases and conditions.

For a long time, the methodology of ultrasound has been used for several reasons including:

  • To examine the functioning of many internal organs of the body like the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, and even brain in infants.
  • For viewing the uterus and ovaries during pregnancy.
  • Helps to diagnose a variety of heart conditions such as valve problems and congestive heart failure. For the user’s enlightenment; ultrasound of the heart is specifically known by the moniker “echo”.
  • Examining a breast lump.
  • It is also used during a range of prostate problems.

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Note: For getting the best experience from a Diagnostic Centre, it is always advised to get in touch with experts who have the repo of standing up to the expectations of their patrons. To make your search easy, our ODC in 71 King can be connected to accomplish all your diagnostic imaging needs. 

Bone Mineral Density

It is a non-invasive and pain-free evaluation that is principally utilized to measure the density of your bones. In simpler words: a bone mineral density test is advocated for individuals who have the likelihood of developing osteoporosis in the near future. 

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bone tissues to become thin and fragile with time. Whilst, it can happen to anyone; however, people falling into the following categories may stay alarmed and should never ditch their regular doctor appointments:

  • If you are a woman of 65 years or more
  • Of late, if you have lost height
  • Recently, you have gotten an organ transplant
  • A relentless drop in hormone levels
  • You are a woman at the age of menopause and sitting ducks for breaking bones


This imaging procedure uses several pulses of an X-ray beam with the intent to comprehend the exact functioning of tissues inside the body. If you have been suggested a fluoroscopy test by a doctor, it is principally to understand the functioning of a particular organ, system, or other internal parts of your body. 

The fluoroscopy test is quite beneficial under the following scenarios:

  • For checking out how the stomach and intestines are working
  • If the consumed food is not being swallowed properly, what are the reasons behind it? Fluoroscopy also confirms whether the muscles of the mouth and throat are performing consummately.
  • To see the prevalence of broken bones and whether the surgery performed could fix them appropriately.
  • Commonly used to examine foreign abnormalities.

To Wrap Up

If you aspire to receive impeccable diagnostic services, look no further than Ontario Diagnostic Centres. We are committed to serving our patrons by embracing the most ethical ways when it comes to performing eclectic types of evaluations. Plus, the entire team of our renowned technologists that caters to the needs of the patients is registered with CMRITO.

So, irrespective of the centre you visit whether it is ODC in Milton, Scarborough, Humber, and so on, you are likely to receive an everlasting experience. And if any sorts of doubts still haunt you, just quickly go through the testimonials “what are patients say” to further persuade yourself.

Remember, all the above services are covered under the OHIP program. So, don’t wait any further! For all sorts of imaging services, the team of professionals is waiting to assist you. For appointments, call us at 905-279-1144 or take a picture of your requisition and text it to 647-490-8991. You may also fix up the meeting through the ONTDC mobile application. 


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