Imperative Factors You Need To Know Before Choosing The Right Diagnostic Centre!

Diagnostic Centre

During the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, probably ‘diagnosis’ is the word that has received its much-needed acclaim and attention. Early treatment and detection came out to be the need of the hour. A timely and accurate diagnosis of any disease can significantly amplify the patient, abets in safeguarding their health, and most importantly averts the expending of a fortune on medical expenses.

With that said; in this era of rapid medical advancement, there are a plethora of diagnostic centres in the Greater Toronto Area to choose from such as the esteemed ODC in Woodbridge. So, let’s dig deeper to know some of the consequential factors one needs to contemplate before choosing a diagnostic centre in GTA!

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Accuracy Is Key 

As aforementioned, diagnosis plays a vital role for both the healthcare providers as well as for the patient i.e. diagnosis, monitoring, screening, and prognosis. Accuracy of the test results should be the first factor one should consider before opting for a Diagnostic Centre like ODC in Milton, which is considered a trustworthy diagnostic centre with a highly trained and dedicated team of technologists and radiologists. Not to mention, inaccurate test reports can have detrimental results on a patient’s health as they may lead to wrong treatment. Every step of disease management is based on accurate test reports. Hence, choose a Diagnostic Centre which offers zero-error test results.

World-Class Facilities 

A dependable Diagnostic Centre should have new-age technology-driven modern medical tools and techniques. Additionally, this will ensure each test performed by the centre will generate accurate test reports. For instance, ODC in Meadowvale is an accredited diagnostic health facility with the latest advanced medical tools and accessories along with seasoned radiologists. Moreover, an examination centre with exceptional facilities confirms that test reports will always be error-free and correct!

Sanitation Is Must 

Another essential aspect to consider before choosing a diagnostic centre is its hygiene. Every imaging centre must pay close attention to disinfection and sanitation. Always look for a diagnostic that offers complete cleanliness and proper hygiene maintenance. To add, this consideration will make sure patients are given the best care and their safety is not compromised. 

On-Time Delivery

Along with accurate test results, it is equally important to have the test reports on time. So, always choose a diagnostic centre that is committed to this paramount parameter. After all, delayed test reports would result in unwanted barriers to the diagnosis. Simply put, it’s a matter of healthy on-time test report delivery that would lead to initiating proper treatment for the diseases. No matter! Whatever imaging centre you choose for medical examination, make sure they deliver accurate test results as soon as possible, in the shortest period. For emergency cases, they ensure that the referral doctor receives all the reports through fax or HRM. 

Several Tests under one roof

Accurate interpretation of test results helps the medical practitioner to reveal the early signs of diseases and start with preventive measures. So, it’s critical to choose an imaging centre that is well equipped with a wide range of test facilities under one roof. There are several vital tests such as X-ray, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, Pulmonary function, and Ultrasound which are the first prerequisite of any patient’s disease management. Hence, choose a credible imaging centre that proffers these tests in one place- save your time, energy, and money!

Medical Team

The medical team comprising skilled/trained radiologists and technologists-play a critical role when opting for any diagnostic centre. The professional team will ensure personal care is given to every patient at the centre. Not to mention, the experience and expertise of healthcare professionals will aid patients to receive appropriate treatment. When the team at the imaging centre is well-versed in using the latest medical technologies ensuring patients receive accurate test reports on time. Before zeroing in on any imaging centre do look for the medical staff that fulfills their duties in the utmost professional manner.  

Final Words

Over the last few decades technology has advanced at rapid growth, especially in the healthcare industry. This has effectuated the increase in diagnostic centres also. However, even in a country like Canada with myriads of diagnostic centres available in every province doesn’t mean that you can randomly trust a diagnostic centre for services like X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, and so on. So, how do you choose an elite examination centre?

Well, to make your search simpler and easier, we introduce you to Ontario Diagnostic Centresrenowned to furnish extraordinary imaging services to the residents of GTA including ODC in Woodbridge. When it comes to ODC, you are promised professional, genial, and immediate treatment employing some of the latest diagnostic tools by our compassionate radiologists and technologists. 

Some Additional Reasons to Take our Esteemed Services:

  • We precisely implement all the above-mentioned parameters to ensure that our patrons receive the best imaging services.
  • Whether it is an X-RAY, Ultrasound, Mammography, Bone Mineral Density Test, Fluoroscopy, or Pulmonary Function conducted at our centres, the accuracy of these examinations cannot be simply questioned.
  • All the imaging services we provided are covered under the OHIP program.
  • The technologists in our team who we boast about being highly proficient in their field are registered with CMRITO.
  • Timely results are one of the foremost aspects of our priority list. You will receive the examination results within a span of 24 to 48 hours. 
  • For emergency cases, the radiologists can prepare the report within 2 to 4 hours. The investigation details can be shared with the referral doctor through fax or HRM or both.
  • Not only the reports can be gathered as hard copies, but there is also a provision for obtaining the reports through CDs or Pendrive.
  • And last but not least; Ontario Diagnostic Centres provides a patient portal that you can simply access anytime to have a glance at the current as well as previous exam reports and performed test images. All the credentials details will be shared with you!


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