Things To Look Out For Before Selecting An Imaging Centre

Things To Look Out For Before Selecting An Imaging Centre

When choosing an imaging centre, you must buy yourself enough time. Doing this will ensure that you don’t have to regret your decision later on!

Taking the services of the right imaging centre will set the seal that you receive the best care possible. What’s more, the accuracy of the reports received from such diagnostic centres cannot be simply questioned.

If you are also searching for one of them in Canada, the below pointers can truly emerge as your savior. Put simply: paying heed to them will help you make an informed decision!

  • Advanced Technology

One of the most crucial parameters to consider when looking for an imaging centre is whether it employs the state of the art technology or is it still dependent on traditional methods.

Consider taking the services of the one that has invested in the latest technological tools. Remember; the quality of the machine will determine how well a patient can be diagnosed.

  • Commitment To Safety

You would know that many imaging procedures involve radiation emission. Hence, the treating staff must be committed to the highest degree of safety.

They should be potent enough to determine the content of radiation that won’t harm you in any way. What’s more, the team of technologists should have a master plan to lessen your exposure to these radiations as much as possible.

  • Accurate Results Are Foremost

The right diagnosis plays a fundamental role for both the patients as well as the healthcare providers. This can be accomplished when your treating doctor has accurate results before them.

It is based on the reports received from the radiologist; your practitioner plans the further course of action. Therefore, you must always rely on the services of an imaging centre renowned to deliver accurate results.

  • Recommendations From Your Doctor

You can always ask for recommendations from your treating doctor. After all, they deal with such things daily.

Remember, a facility advised by your doctor is something that can be trusted without a doubt. Additionally, in such cases, the professional can ask for the reports directly from the imaging centre.

Alternatively, you are also privileged to take recommendations from a trusted friend or a family member who might have got a recent examination conducted. Based on their reviews, you can make your decision.

  • Various Examinations At A Single Place

Several examinations including the likes of X-ray, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, Pulmonary function and Ultrasound-to name a few, serve the basis of being prerequisites for any patient’s disease management.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose an imaging centre that provides the facility for these tests under a single roof. This will conserve you from the hassles of going from one place to the other. Ultimately, you will save your precious time, energy as well as money.

  • The Dedicated Team Is At Your Fingertips

You would like to be supervised under the guidance of doctors, radiologists, technologists and nurses that are dedicated to your health till the recovery period is over.

The team of professionals taking care of your health apart from being highly experienced must be courteous enough. In other words: they should ensure sufficient measures to ease you till the complete procedure gets accomplished.

  • Is The Diagnostic Centre Hygienic?

Hygiene maintenance should also be on your priority list when selecting a diagnostic centre. They should strictly maintain hygiene for customers to minimize the risk of infection.

Additionally, proper sanitization of the equipment at the centre is also mandatory. Hence, do ensure that the imaging centre is following all the safety measures as customer safety should not be compromised at any cost.

Which Diagnostic Centre Offers The Above Perks?

If you are searching for a diagnostic centre in Canada, there are a number of them available. Therefore, choosing amongst them can sometimes turn out to be a daunting task.

For making your search simpler, we connect you with Ontario Diagnostic Centres which are committed to serving their large base of customers throughout the GTA. All their centres are managed by a professional team of radiologists and technologists.

Why Should You Take Their Services?

  • The importance of using the latest technological gadgets cannot be simply overlooked. Paying special heed to this step; all our centres are equipped with the most advanced imaging machines.
  • While the team members at the different Ontario Diagnostic Centres are highly experienced, the technologists are registered with CMRITO.
  • We offer several services in the shape of X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, Bone Mineral Density, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, and Pulmonary Function under a single roof.
  • Additionally, all the above services mentioned fall under the OHIP program.
  • Preparing reports within the allotted time is one of the fundamental parameters that we never compromise on. They will be available for you within a span of 24 to 48 hours.
  • But what about emergency cases? Yes, we have a provision for such situations also! The team of radiologists will ensure that the minimum time is taken to prepare the report and the TAT for such cases lies between somewhere 2 to 4 hours.
  • You can collect reports as hard copies. There is also a patient portal that you can access for viewing reports at your will.

So, the next time when you are recommended for an imaging test, consider taking our services for a memorable experience. Rest assured, you will be thoroughly assisted.







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